Professor Qihao Weng delivered a presentation on Technological Innovations for Sustainable Urban Development at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships Community Leaders Sharing on 19 December 2023


On 19 December 2023, Professor Qihao Weng was invited by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships to share his knowledge and insights on the topic of “Technological Innovations Enabling Sustainable Urban Development” at the Community Leaders Sharing session.

The 21st century has witnessed the dawn of the “urban century,” with cities experiencing continuous growth and escalating global challenges, such as waste disposal, air pollution, and water pollution. The urgency to monitor and manage urban areas has intensified due to concerns over global climate change. Consequently, there is a pressing need for technological advancements that facilitate the monitoring of natural resources and urban assets, while effectively managing exposures to both natural and man-made risks.

During the sharing session, Professor Weng shed light on the application of Earth Observations (EO) methodologies and AI technologies in comprehending the causes, effects, and responses to environmental and societal challenges in cities and urban areas. By harnessing these technologies, Professor Weng emphasized their potential to bring about substantial changes and advocate for positive transformations in urban environments.

Fig. 1. Professor Weng in the sharing session
Fig. 2. Professor Weng in the sharing session

JC Scholars regard Professor Weng as a pleasing and esteemed speaker. Professor Weng’s presence and shared knowledge left a lasting impression on the JC Scholars. They were truly captivated by his words and conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to Professor Weng:

” Prof Weng, thank you for sparing your precious time and sharing with us the latest technology in the field of geomatics and AI. It was really eye-opening. Thank you so much. ”  ——Crystal Chan 2017

” Thanks for the detailed explanation of this popular issue on a more professional and technological foundation. I found it very inspiring! ”  ——Rocky Chan 2023

” Thank you for giving us such an easy-to-understand sharing, especially for students like me who are not studying geography or AI. ”  ——Aviva Lau 2023

” The presentation urged me to think about the burning issue of climate change. Every country should take action to mitigate the risk of climate change. Therefore, I thank you for your thought-provoking presentation. ”  ——Singh Niraj Kumar 2023

Fig. 3. Jockey Club presented a gift to Professor Weng
Fig. 4. Group Photo