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PI and Co-PIs

Weng Qihao

Chair Professor, LSGI

Cao Jiannong

Chair Professor, Computing

Chen Changwen

Chair Professor, Computing

Chen Xiaojun

Chair Professor, AMA

Ding Xiaoli

Chair Professor, LSGI

Huang Jian

Chair Professor, AMA

Li Heng

Chair Professor, BRE

TAN Kay Chen

Chair Professor, Computing

Guo Hai

Professor, CEE

Guo Song

Professor, Computing

Wong Charles

Professor, LSGI

Wu Bo

Professor, LSGI

Zhu Xiaolin

Associate Professor, LSGI

Yin Tiangang

Assistant Professor, LSGI

Shen Huangfeng

Professor and Dean, Wuhan University

Tang Luliang

Professor, Wuhan University

Huang Xin

Professor, Wuhan University

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Li Zhiwei

Remote Sensing / Cloud Detection and Removal / Land Use & Land Cover / Flood Monitoring

Dr. Yoo Cheolhee

Remote Sensing / Artificial Intelligence / Urban Climate

Dr. Md Mizanur Rahman

Forest carbon / Mangrove Ecology / Remote Sensing / Biodiversity and ecosystem processes


Dr. Mohammad Pir

Remote Sensing / Urban Heat Island / Urban Climate / LULC Change Modeling

Dr. Jia Siqi

GIS / Urban Planning / Urban Heat Island / Green Infrastructure

Dr. Chang Yue

Urban Remote Sensing / Urban Climates / Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing / Eco-environmental Management

Dr. Cao Yinxia

High-resolution remote sensing / Deep learning / Weakly supervised learning

Dr. Xiaoyan Lu

High resolution remote sensing / Hyperspectral remote sensing / Medical image / Machine learning and computer vision

Dr. Ou Yifu

Environmental Economics / Urban Economics / Sustainable Transportation and Land Use Planning

Dr. Li Binbin

Spaceborne LiDAR Data Processing and Quality Control / Urban measurement / Machine learning

Dr. Xu Nan

Multi source remote sensing data processing/ Coastal and inland water remote sensing

Ph.D. Students

Lu Wengpeng

Urban Remote Sensing / Deep Learning / Computer Vision

Zhou Yuhan

Multimodal Fusion / Remote Sensing / Deep Learning

Liu Yu

Remote Sensing / Urban Thermal Environment / Urban Ecology

Cao Mengying

Remote Sensing / Vegetation Phenology / Deep Learning

Ye Longjie

Remote Sensing / Deep Learning / Change Detection

Xu Mingyue

Geographic Information System / Intelligent Transport System / Remote Sensing

Hou Qianbao

Image Retrieval / Large-Scale SfM / Deep learning / Computer Vision

He Wanru

Urban-induced sociometric and environmental change / Urban sprawl modeling / Cellular automata / GIS-based spatial analysis

Lab Manager

Helen Tse